NY Times Looks at the “Fierce Tussle” for Influence over PANYNJ’s Vast Finances

The New York Times reports, “After three years of planning for a new bus terminal in Manhattan, the commissioners of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey still agree that New York City badly needs one. But, as the nasty debate over paying for it has spilled out in public, they appear to agree on little else. The discord has threatened to paralyze the [authority’s bi-state] board. . . .”  The Times adds, “The battle over the bus terminal [link added] shows just how quickly the Port Authority can fall into the kind of dysfunction that allowed appointees of Gov. Chris Christie . . . to spitefully close lanes at the George Washington Bridge in 2013. Mr. Christie has since stepped back from the agency, but the tussle for influence over its vast finances has remained fierce.” The next PANYNJ board meeting is scheduled for this morning. Click here to see the agenda.