NY Thruway Eliminates E-ZPass Discount for Out-of-Staters, Raises Scofflaw Penalties

Times Union reports, “It’s home field advantage when it comes to E-ZPass in New York and Massachusetts. The New York State Thruway Board of Directors on Monday [November 7] eliminated E-ZPass discounts for those who purchase the device and have an account outside of the Empire State. That followed a move by Massachusetts authorities, who said in September their new all-electronic toll system . . . would provide a bigger E-ZPass discount on the Mass Pike, but only to those who have Massachusetts-based accounts.”

The report adds, “Thruway Authority board members on Monday also approved doubling the fee that toll scofflaws are charged. [Link deleted.] It will rise from $25 to $50. Those who get caught skipping tolls on the Tappan Zee Bridge will pay $100.”