VA Columnist: “Cruel Life Lessons in Travelling up the East Coast”

Elsewhere in his column, The Virginian-Pilot’s Pascale talks about a recent road trip, a life lesson on states that restrict cellphone use and the cost of travel. On a trip to New York City, he writes, “It’s six hours on a good traffic day up the Eastern Shore and costs about $130 round trip. Tolls on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, Delaware Bridge and New Jersey Turnpike run about $54, $30 for gas, $29 for parking near Newark Airport, $14.50 for NJ Transit train ticket from the North Elizabeth station to NY Penn Station. Just figuring that out took two hours of research. While tolls were rough, it was about half the cost of flying from Norfolk,” until you add a $131 citation for holding your phone while driving.