Wisconsin Governor Walker wins big against labor racketeers - now tolls needed for drop in WI gas tax

June 5, 2012

Governor Scott Walker beat back a challenge from defenders of labor racketeering in a seven point win in Wisconsin. Walker increased his margin as compared to his 2010 election showing broad public support for his legislation to repeal arrangements under which the government acted as union dues collector and gave labor racketeers a stranglehold on jobs and contracting.

President Obama and other Democrats anticipating Walker's victory wisely stayed away from Wisconsin.

The most immediate effect in tolling is likely to be a tougher stance by the Virginia Government against Dulles Toll Road operator MWAA's proposed union preference on Phase 2 of its toll financed Dulles Rail project.

But more broadly there will be significant economic benefits.

Free of union racketeers contracting will become more competitive, more toll projects will be financially viable, and motorists will get better highways faster. TOLLROADSnews 2012-06-05


Governor Scott Walker's victory in Wisconsin and the vote for civil service pension reform in San Jose CA are cause for celebration for the future of America. They signal a willingness of Americans to see through the demagoguery of the left, to vote against its bullying and extortion, and to support leaders who'll stand for fiscal responsibility and a fair deal for ordinary taxpayers.

The previous administration in Wisconsin disgracefully acted as enforcer for labor racketeers by deducting union dues from workers' pay, and giving them a lock on state jobs and contracts. This is a racket and should be called one.

Civil servants in the state have recognized the union standover men claiming to represent them may get them nominal gains in promised benefits but that the discrepant health and retirement benefits are so out of line with comparable workers' benefits elsewhere they just aren't politically or financially sustainable - apart from being an unjust ripoff of taxpayers.

Voters struggling to pay burgeoning taxes on gross incomes of $50k or $60k won't put up with governments allowing their employees to retire at 55 on $100k+/year pensions extorted by union bosses.  

Such governments will either reform or they'll default. Politicians promising such big government benefits can't deliver.

Walker apparently gained popular support by delivering on his promise to curb union power and balance the state budget. He showed he meant business early on by returning 800 million of Obama-$s for so-called 'high speed rail' (slower than self-supporting planes or cars) whose operating losses would have been yet another drain on future state budgets.

The Republicans turned a nearly $4 billion state deficit into a balanced budget in two years, got unemployment and taxes down, and most important - reduced the income base of union racketeers by allowing civil servants to choose union or non-union.

They delivered.

Now Gov Walker just needs to do some self-financing roads in Wisconsin so he can drop the state gasoline tax - editor.

TOLLROADSnews 2012-06-06

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