Washington Post reports how users just Loooove the ICC TR in Montgomery Co MD

June 1, 2012

2012-06-01: The Washington Post has a report this week on how users of the new Inter County Connector (ICC) tollroad in the north of the DC metro area just love it under the headline "Intercounty Connector a life-changer for motorists, residents."


"Since opening last year, the Intercounty Connector has provided thousands of Maryland motorists with their first direct, congestion-free drive between Montgomery and Prince George's counties.

"Gleeful drivers say the highway has cut up to a half-hour off their east-west trips between the busy commercial corridors of Interstates 95 and 270...

"For Justin Brown, the six-lane road saves 10 minutes on his morning bakery deliveries to a Giant grocery store off I-95 and a Safeway off Briggs Chaney Road. Brown said he takes the ICC daily to avoid traffic jams on Route 29. He said it's well worth the 70 cent toll to travel even one exit.

"For my business, being on time is of the essence," Brown said Thursday during a hurried stop at a McDonald's near Beltsville....

"AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesman Lon Anderson said he expects that motorists will gradually warm to the idea of paying to avoid the free but slower east-west routes: the Capital Beltway or indirect and narrow local roads.

"If you need to get from I-270 to I-95 fast in upper Montgomery County," Anderson said, "it's a bargain."

"The ICC has cut the morning drive between Rockville and Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (Wash Post - we locals call it BWI, not all that gobbledegook) by an average of 15 minutes compared with that of local roads. It beats the Beltway route by an average of 34 minutes, according to a recent analysis by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments."

The report does also say both that people comment how empty the highway looks, while others nearby complain that traffic noise is like that of airplanes taking off continuously outside the livingroom window - a logical disconnect there?

But this is on balance the most positive article on the ICC the Washington Post has ever published. Opinion surveys always showed majority support for the project but during the many years of argument before finally the builders moved onto the job the Post always amplified the antis fretting about threats to this endangered critter and that, and ignored the supporters views.

Reporter is Katherine Shaver.


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