August 16, 1999


Originally published in issue 41 of Tollroads Newsletter, which came out in Jul 1999.


Subjects:low volume configuration 3-lane

Facilities:Aroostook pike ME


economical, safe, reconfigurable, high-speed format for low volume rural roads not warranting 2x2 lane motorway

This one (at left) has the through lanes jogged back and forth in 3-lane configuration, with continuous central jersey barrier, allowing alternating slow traffic/breakdown lane on right. This maintains the convention of having the slow and stopped traffic on the right and has uninterrupted median barrier. It is probably a more acceptable way of using 3-lanes than our proposal for central buffered median/breakdown lane – which we advanced in a comment on the proposed Aroostook Pike Maine (see TRnl#40 Jun 99 p7) Courtesy of Joel Marcuson of Sverdrup Civil - tel 801 978 9050.

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