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March 6, 2012

The Wabash Toll Bridge was built in 1956 and spans the Wabash River between Posey County Indiana and White County Illinois. Approximately 1.2 million vehicles cross the bridge each year. Tolls range from $.50 to $1.70. The deck, superstructure, and substructure are all rated as a 7 on the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) scale. In January 2011 the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) converted from a manual toll collection system to an electronic toll collection system designed by TRMI Systems Integration.

The selected firm will be responsible for all toll collection related to the Wabash Toll Bridge that conforms to all applicable laws and regulations and existing INDOT policies and procedures. Firms should be prepared to manage customer accounts and remit tolls to INDOT, collect tolls from pay by plate/pay by mail customers, process payments made by credit card and check, manage and process toll violations, notify the Posy County Prosecutor of toll violations, notify the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) of toll violations, maintain the electronic toll system including maintaining transponder inventory and establish a customer service center. The selected firm will have access to the INDOT property and building adjacent to the Wabash Toll Bridge where they may establish an office to manage toll collection operations, distribute toll transponders and collect tolls from individuals that choose to pay manually.

INDOT is contracting for professional services related to toll collection. This will be a four (4) year contract with the option to renew one time for time and money. The consultant shall include a cost proposal for this contract within the letter of interest document. Cost will be a consideration in the selection scoring process.
Please refer to supporting documents for additional information. Also, please view the Q&A link prior to submitting a Letter of Interest (LOI).

The supporting documents are available on the INDOT website, as well as Q&A information, as it becomes available. http://pscsapp.indot.in.gov/ucmrfp/default.aspx?view=1

RFP and supporting documents on the existing electronic tolling equipment on the INDOT website at http://www.in.gov/indot/index.htm   INDOT > Doing Business with INDOT > Consultants/Pre-Construction > Proposals & Contracts > RFPs Currently Advertised

Interviews for the shortlisted firms will take place April 16th in Indianapolis.

Policy and Communication

Please note the following policy concerning communication with the Department during the Request for
Proposals (RFP) announcement and selection process:

Department owner offices associated with items listed in this RFP will not participate in communication with
consultants (or their agents) regarding the status of the selection process, or entertain any communications
related to marketing, etc., during the time period between advertisement and the announcement of final
consultant selections for this RFP. This policy will not apply during special marketing events advertised and
scheduled by INDOT.

Communications that are always permissible include project administration activities for awarded contracts,
scope and negotiation activities for projects selected but not under contract and training or related activities.
Questions regarding the Letter of Interest (LoI) format or requirements are also permissible and are to be
directed to Contractsrfp@indot.in.gov.

Pertinent questions and answers are posted on INDOT's "RFPs
Currently Advertised" webpage. Please review the "Q&A" link for this RFP, prior to submitting your firm's Letter
of Interest (LOI).



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