VDOT selling E-ZPass through AAA, Wegmans, Giant

September 7, 2012

2012-09-07: Virginia DOT has signed contracts with AAA Mid-Atlantic, Wegmans and Giant to market E-ZPass transponders at their offices and stores. The program is branded E-ZPass On-the-Go.

AA Mid-Atlantic will market E-ZPass at 13 different offices across the state, Wegmans at 6 stores and Giant at 20 supermarkets.

Greg Whirley VDOT Commission is quoted: "AAA Mid-Atlantic, Wegmans and Giant are trusted organizations that have multiple locations to make it easier for Virginia residents to take advantage of the 'E-ZPass On-the-Go' program.Their reputations and convenient locations made each of them an excellent partner in this initiative."

VDOT says other outlets are in process of being signed up to be agents for E-ZPass.

Prepare for doubling number of toll transponders

Shannon Marshall a VDOT spokesman told us: "E-ZPass Virginia will soon undergo a significant increase in program size, nearly doubling as several new toll facilities come online in Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia. These toll facilities will use all- electronic open road tolling, eliminating the need for toll booths.
"For several months, VDOT has been focusing efforts on identifying participants for the E-ZPass On-the-Go program in order to provide more options for customers and increase the number of locations where E-ZPass transponders can be obtained.

"We expect to announce additional retailers this fall, further adding to the convenience of this new program."

$35 down, $15 in tolls, $20 more if register

Customers will be charged $35 at the E-ZPass On-the-Go locations which will give them $15 of prepaid tolls, so they pay $20 for the transponder pack.

VDOT's contracts with the retailers provides that they remit $31.30 per $35 E-ZPass pack sold. The retailers' $3.70 per pack margin is supposed to cover their costs in setting up counter space, managing inventory and accounting and reporting.

After the E-ZPass On-the-Go is sold it is available for installation and immediate use up to the $15 limit.

Next step can be registering the transponder online http://www.ezpassva.com or by telephone 877 762 7824 and making arrangements for automatic payment - at which point they get another $20 of toll credits.

Locations near the 495 Express Lanes on the Beltway will also be selling the new switchable E-ZPass Flex transponders that allow motorists to 'declare' themselves a 3-occupant carpooler and eligible for toll-free rides.

Virginia motor registry offices already sell transponders.

Other On-the-Goers

Virginia is joining New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and New Hampshire which already have E-ZPass On-the-Go programs.

New York has probably gone the furthest of any state with E-ZPass now over 80% of toll transactions at MTA Bridges and Tunnels in New York City and a scheme for cash top-ups of transponder accounts at convenience stores, supermarkets and fuel stations.


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