Utah DOT says Encompass 6 reader reads 6C sticker tags fine - TransCore says supports 6C? (UPDATE)

August 4, 2011

Yesterday we were asked to publish an official Utah Department of Transportation retraction of comments in a report (2011-07-26) saying that the TransCore Encompass 6 readers were reading 6C tags poorly compared to the read performance of Sirit IDentity 5100 readers. The retraction reads: "In limited testing conducted by UDOT, the TransCore Encompass 6 readers read the 6C sticker tags from TransCore, Sirit and Neology at 100 percent."

We published this as an UPDATE to the July 26 report yesterday.

But we agree with one of those involved that the UDOT retraction should be highlighted with this brand new post.

A related issue is whether TransCore fully supports reading ISO 18000 6C (6C) tags. TransCore people have in conversations with us over the past two years consistently downplayed 6C saying the higher baud rate and other advances incorporated into the 6C standard are redundant and overkill. They say the excellent encryption and security features make the proprietary TransCore version of 6B in the eGo and SeGo protocols superior to 6C tags on the market.

A couple of industry people outside TransCore have told us that TransCore's Encompass 6 reader is not even specified as capable of reading 6C tags. One of those cited TransCore's own official specifications for the reader.

We checked this out:



Sure enough in the tag-reader matrix the protocols supported by the Encompass 6 reader are listed as the "Super eGo (SeGo), eGo, ATA, IAG, Allegro, Title 21, CVISN."

Seven protocols supported but no 6C!

Consider also a 2-page 'product profile' here for Encompass 6 Multiprotocol Reader:


Here we have six protocols supported: ATA, Title 21, eGo, IAG, SeGo and TransCore's IT2200 (a real oldie.)

Missing here are CVISN and Allegro.

And no 6C here either.

We asked a TransCore person how they can claim their Encompass 6 officially supports 6C when their currently published specifications don't list 6C among the supported protocols. They said it is  a mistake - outdated spec sheets - and that the specs will shortly be updated to show support for 6C.

We got thanked for drawing it to their attention.

Here is the current spec sheet for the Encompass 6 reader:


The July 26 report:


TOLLROADSnews 2011-08-04

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