US District Court rules for Federal Signal against Neology claims on 6C

August 3, 2012

A US District Court Judge in Delaware Leonard P Stark this week ruled in favor of Federal Signal (FS) and against Neology in Neology's litigation over claimed patent infringements in ISO 18000 6C sticker tags as used for tolling in Washington State, Utah, Georgia, and Colorado.

Stark was giving legal force to Magistrate Thynge's 72 page report and recommendation that Neology's motion for a preliminary injunction be denied. The injunction would have barred FS from selling more 6C equipment while the case was litigated.

The magistrate and the judge agreed Neology had not demonstrated "irreparable harm."

That means FS can continue to sell 6C gear while the patent issue is being tried.

Neology claimed in a  press statement July 30 that "Federal Signal admitted that (Neology's) patents are valid and infringed."

FS has issued a statement forcefully denying any such admission and say: "Federal Signal did not admit that it infringed any of Neology's patents, or that any of Neology's patents are valid."

They call this a "false and misleading statement."

6C is generally regarded as an open standard for reader-tag (RFID) operation, but as with any open standard aspects of its implementation beyond the specifications of the standard can be claimed as proprietary and patented.

TOLLROADSnews 2012-08-03

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