US-Canada toll crossings see continuing drift downward in traffic

September 12, 2013
By Peter Samuel

August traffic numbers at the eleven tolled border crossings US-Canada continue their long drift downwards comprising a significant drop in truck traffic and a just slightly negative car traffic trend. Truck crossings were down 2.7% 2013-08 over 2012-08 while car traffic was down 1.1%. For the year-to-date those numbers were trucks down 4% and cars down 0.4%.

Ambassador Bridge has more cars this year than last by 3.1% in the first eight months this year versus last but truck traffic is down10%, total traffic off 1.6%. The car-competing Detroit Windsor Tunnelis salmodst exactly level this year with last. The Blue Water Bridge which competes with ht e Ambassador for truck traffic is up 2.9% total, up 3.34% trucks, up 2.7% cars.

Peace Bridge traffic is off, both in August and in the first 8 months and with both cars and trucks. Biggest drop is the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge in the same area. In August it was down 10.8% and in the first 8 months 7.8%, cars off more than trucks.

Although the extent of decline has varied the present year's decline is part of a downward trend that now goes back more than a decade.

The compilation comes from the Public Border Operators Association (PBOA) and is based on self-reporting by association members.

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ADD-ON: subsequently PBOA has sent out a revised version of their monthly data, saying that the Niagara Falls Bridge Commission and Ambassador Bridge had each found mistakes in their initial data and sent revisions.

For the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge they'd used a wrong high number for August 2012 so the drop in traffic in August 2013 was in fact 8.8%, not 10.8% as they initially told PBOA.

The Ambassador Bridge initially understated August car traffic by 600 meaning it was up by 4.01% vs 3.88% on a 2013-08/2013-08 basis as initially reported.

The year to data revisions are tiny.

Year to date in 2013 car traffic for all crossings is down 0.35% vs 0.40% drop initially reported.  Truck traffic remains down 4.0%.

Total year-to-date traffic for all crossings is now down 1.03% vs 1.07% of first PBOA report.

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