Tractor-trailer goes off I-30 overbridge down onto Pres Geo Bush Turnpike, driver dead - VIDEO

August 6, 2013

NTTA have released video of a tractor trailer going off an I-30 overbridge westboundat their Grand Prairie  interchange with the President George Bush Turnpike (SH161) and crashing to the Turnpike's main lanes, about 4pm Saturday. The big rig can be seen bursting into flames and police who happened to be nearby were unable to remove the driver before fire burned the tractor.

The driver was James Long a 59 year old trucker from Tennessee.

It is not known yet if he died before the crash - heart trouble or a stroke might have caused him to lose control of the truck - or in the violence of the crash or from the smoke and fire that followed.

Traffic was light at the time and no other vehicles were involved.

TOLLROADSnews 2013-08-06

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