Tolls, usage fees, congestion pricing preferred means of financing roads in Kansas City metro area KS

July 21, 2009

An opinion survey in the Kansas section of Kansas City shows toll financing along with road use fees and congestion pricing are the preferred means of funding transport improvements. In a survey involving 1195 people tolls (at 22.1%), a road use fee (at 11.1%), and congestion pricing (at 3.0%) drew a total of 36.2% support to 20.8% for development impact fees, 15.9% an increased gasoline tax, 5.4% a sales tax increase, 4.2% higher vehicle registration fees.

Tolls are almost invariably regarded by the US public as a better way of funding transportation than gasoline taxes, license fees, or sales taxes.

Developer impact fees are not usually presented in such surveys. They are a sensible way to fund local road improvements but of course their yield varies wildly with the ups and downs of housing. And given the competitive nature of land development costs of fees are liable to get passed on to homeowners.

The study for Kansas DOT and local metro planners was conducted by ETC Institute and Parsons Brinckerhoff.


TOLLROADSnews 2009-07-21

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