Texas Turnpike loses David Powell to Stantek, Fumo, VDOT PERSONNEL

September 28, 2008

The Texas Turnpike Division of TxDOT has lost its longtime director of operations and information technology, David T Powell. He is now at Stantec - manager toll systems and operations. Powell continues to live and work out of Austin Texas.

Stantec is a large north American engineering consulting firm with offices all over the US and Canada, administered out of pro-business Edmunton Alberta. It acquired Vollmer Assoicates of New York City a couple of years ago giving it some heft in toll consulting work. The company's stock is traded on the Toronto and New York exchanges.

Fumo trial postponed

The public corruption trial has been postponed of state senator Vincent Fumo, leading legislative patron of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and Ruth Arnao, wife of the chairman of the Commission. Jury selection in the case in US District Court in Philadelphia ran for a week from Sept 8  and then the judge fell ill.

Fumo is charged on 139 counts and Arnao 45 counts. US prosecutors say the pair stole some $3.5m over several years.

Homer & Barbara Reese VDOT honored as champions of P3s

ARTBA honored Virginia secretary of transportation Pierce Homer and deputy secretary Barbara Reese for "outstanding advocacy and leadership" in promoting public private partnerships.  Reese is a former chief financial officer at VDOT.

Virginia has the largest and oldest (also the slowest) toll concession/P3 program in the country.

TOLLROADSnews 2008-09-28

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