Texas SH130/5&6 to open by mid-November - 41 mile toll concession

August 17, 2012

By mid-November motorists will have a new highspeed route between San Antonio and Dallas bypassing the I-35 congestion in the Austin area. Segments 5 and 6 of Texas SH130 will open late in the fall making a direct connection between I-35 at Georgetown on the northern end of the Austin area and I-10 near Seguin.

A spokesman for the concessionaire building the road says they're confident they will beat a November 11 contractual deadline, but they aren't quite ready to announce a firm opening date.

They'll need to get some approvals from TxDOT, the concession grantor on the opening date, toll rates and the posted speed limit.

Speculation is that they'll propose to post the speed limit at 80mph or 85mph at least in the southern portion between I-10 and Lockhart which is sparsely settled.

The concession project is 41 miles long and extends south from the southern end of 50 miles of SH130 built as a tollroad by TXDOT and operated by them under the name Central Texas Turnpike Project in the Austin area. TxDOT's four segments of SH130 opened as tollroad between November 2006 and April 2008.

The segments 5 and 6 extension of 2x2 lane expressway has cost around $1.35 billion, money put up by the SH130 Concession Company LLC, a company formed by Contra, Zachary and American Infrastructure.

Tolling will be all-electronic.



TOLLROADSnews 2012-08-17

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