Shakeups loom at Orlando, Pennsylvania tollers

March 18, 2009

Shakeups are looming at toll authorities in Orlando FL and Pennsylvania.In Orlando the release of a grand jury paper about shenanigans inside the local toll expressway authority threaten the tenure of CEO Mike Snyder and longtime general contractor PBS&J, while in Harrisburg PA the Governor Ed Rendell has said he's investigating whether he has the legal authority to remove Turnpike Commission chairman Mitchell Rubin.

Rubin's patron former state senator Vincent Fumo was convicted Monday in US Court on 137 counts of corruption and Rubin's wife Ruth on 45 counts. Rubin himself was a flunkey of felon Fumo having had various of Fumo's no-work appointments on the taxpayer dollar.

Rubin's appointment as chairman of the Turnpike Commission was Fumo's "call," he told the Philadelphia Inquirer at the time. Fumo and Rubin's wife were found guilty on all 182 counts of thieving after a five month trial in Philadelphia, and face long jail terms.

In Orlando a bunch of PBS&J contract employees are revealed as having been deeply involved in fundraising from the toller's vendors in concert with disgraced former chairman Allan Keen.

Two board members say CEO Mike Snyder was also surreptitiously involved and should be fired along with PBS&J.  OOCEA chairman Rich Crotty says he hasn't decided yet whether Snyder should stay or go.

Both Snyder and Rubin are tough guys and have beaten an ethics bullet before, so they shouldn't be counted out yet.

TOLLROADSnews 2009-03-18

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