August 4, 2012

This is a completely unsolicited plug for a wonderful woman and entrepreneur with a terrific product line, who is such a pleasure to do business with - Tricia Rose in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Under the brand 'Rough Linen' she does all kinds of real linen products - bed sheets, pillowslips, bolsters, duvets, napkins, curtains, cushion covers, tablecloths, lavender bags. She has different weights and textures, and offers choices of natural colors.

Her stuff is certainly not cheap, but it's not ridiculously expensive either.

Tricia started out doing all the work herself, cutting the linen fabric, and sewing, and the website, and searching out linen suppliers, and marketing, and mailing, and customer service.

But her pictures of herself at the sewing machine are, we suspect, a bit out of date.

She now has several employees.

The linen bedding is just great to sleep in especially if you're a 'nekkid' no-pajamas sleeper - the feel of the rough linen texture against the skin is heavenly.

Linen with real body to the fabric also handles moisture (sweat) much better than cotton or rayon or other now conventional bedding fabrics.

After the washing machine set to Delicates and with a miserly dose of washing detergent real linen is better air-dried than stuck in the electrical clothes dryer.

But, hung outside, it dries quite fast.

And of course you never, ever iron it.

Though we've never actually met, I feel an affinity for Tricia. Both of us, it turns out are British born and educated who have also spent years in Australia, but feel most settled here in America. I sense she's something of a restless type, not suited to a salaried job. She's obviously a writer too.

Treat yourself, or give a gift of Rough Linen which I can vouch for.

Or just read about her and her very genuine product:

- editor

FOLLOW-UP: Tricia tells us she does still do quite a lot of the cutting and sewing herself. It keeps her "grounded," she says, and focussed on the product. But she has handed over to others much of the order handling.

TOLLROADSnews 2012-08-04

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