Randomness of Trips

January 19, 2000

Randomness of Trips

Originally published in issue 45 of Tollroads Newsletter, which came out in Jan 2000.


Subjects:randomness of trips

Sources:Catherine Burke

“As cities become less dense and take on a network character, there is an increasing randomness to trip patterns. It is difficult to find any group of people wanting to go from the same place to the same place at the same time. Therefore people must wait for other people along a preplanned route, make multiple stops, and often transfer to get to their destination. This requires a great deal of detailed knowledge about where to get on the bus, where to get off, and where to transfer... As cities become more polynucleated, fewer people travel downtown, and the need for such service is low.” Catherine G. Burke in “Innovation and Public Policy: the case of Personal Rapid Transit” Lexington Books, 1979 p 82-3.

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