Politician/union afflicted Detroit sees 25% depopulation, demand for recount (RANT)

March 23, 2011

Mayor Dave Bing of Detroit professed himself shocked, this week, at the US Census data showing the population of his city had dropped from 951k in 2000 to 714k in 2010 - by 237k or 25%.  He said the city government thought their population was around 800k, a drop of just 150k or 16% in the decade, not 25%.

Detroit's City government is missing - like 86k people. That's more than the number unaccounted for in northeast Japan after a 9.0 Richter-point earthquake and a 30 foot tsunami. People the City government thought were there, who've gone missing.

Maybe Mayor Bing needs to get down into the rubble and the debris of the bad public policy catastrophe to analyze why what's happened, happened.

But like all politicians shocked by numbers Bing is demanding a recount.

Maybe he thinks the Federal Highway Administration's statisticians were put onto the sad case of Detroit's population, and as PR-man Doug Hecox would say, got their spreadsheet links mixed up? And need a week or so to track down the botched link that drags data from some other basketcase-urb like Pittsburgh PA or Trenton NJ into the columns of Bing's Mexicantown district.

But wait, says the fresh-faced new  Republican state governor Rick Snyder: No need to deal with those troublesome matters of unsustainable health and retirement benefits imposed by union monopolies, productivity hampering job rules or job-destroying taxes and regulations that the thinktanks say are at the root of Detroit's depopulation.

Salvation is at hand: a new bridge, the New International Trade Crossing (NITC), formerly Detroit River International Crossing to be financed of course by other people's money - like Canadians and foreign investors.

The great escapist hope is: "Build the Nitsee (NITC) and they'll come back," the 'they' being prosperity, traffic, jobs, people. If only - editor.

TOLLROADSnews 2011-03-23

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