Pier 19 is no more - Michigan DOT gets its way

April 22, 2012

2012-04-22: All that remains of the Ambassador Bridge's famous Pier 19 this Sunday afternoon is a berm of concrete rubble along the edge of Fort Street, Detroit. Michigan DOT's contractors, working on bridge company property under the order of a county court judge, worked through the weekend.

Gregg Ward operator of the Detroit Windsor Truck Ferry took the pictures nearby. He says rubble was being loaded into dump trucks this morning.

Demolition has taken less than a week.

Pier 19 supported an approach span to a parallel cable-stayed bridge the bridge company had hoped to build alongside the 82 year old suspension span but which has been opposed by MIchigan DOT and Canadian government authorities.

As a stub Pier 19 was the most visible of a range of structures that MDOT said, and a county judge agreed, were in breach of a contract for the Gateway Plaza. The bridge company has an appeal lodged with the state Supreme Court against the county judge's orders.

The company is being billed for the demolition and the rebuild to MDOT specifications.

And apparently at overtime rates of pay!

MDOT says it wants the work done quickly to complete the heavily disputed project, and allow US-Canada traffic to make direct connections to Detroit area interstates as soon as possible. The bridge company thinks the state's hurry is to render judicial appeals moot - to move faster than litigation.

TOLLROADSnews 2012-04-22

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