Peter and Jack Basso - tussle of twins (PERSONNEL)

April 6, 2010

Transportation governance in the Washington DC metro area suffers from a serious surfeit of Bassos, Peter and Jack, identical twins, each of them bald guys wearing a perpetually happy smile, age mid-50s.

First, there's Peter J Basso on the board of directors of the Maryland (Toll) Transportation Authority and he is credited there with being "chief Operating officer and business development director" for the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).

Then, second at AASHTO itself there's Jack Basso who is listed on the road and transit lobby group's staff list as "Director of Program Finance and Management."

Jack was recently credited by House Transportation Committee chairman James Oberstar with the idea of funding a third of the US Government transportation spending program with Treasury bond borrowings, $130 billion no less, all to be paid off by gas-tax hikes of 20c or so/gallon by Congresses conveniently three or four national elections into the future (2016, or 2018 or 2020).

This kind of talk in the lobbies of the national capital always unleashes a flow of gush about what a "brilliant" and "innovative" and "bold" idea has been spawned.


That's Jack Basso.

But where's the twin brother Peter J Basso from the Maryland toll authority supposedly at AASHTO?  

No Peter J Basso is listed at AASHTO and that organization has no position of  "chief Operating officer and business development director". (we love the odd capitalization of Operating)

Brothers don't always get along we hear, even identical twin brothers.

Inside reports have it that in a fratricidal dispute Jack Basso as director of program finance decided that AASHTO didn't need a 'chief Operating officer and business development director.'

So Peter lost his job at the lobby group and these days all he does is "serve" on the board of the state toll authority.

Leaving just Jack at AASHTO.

Time to update the bios, guys.

(We should have written this report six days back - editor)

TOLLROADSnews 2010-04-06

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