Penn Pike vice-chair Tim Carson resigns citing old drunk driving incidents, loses Saul Ewing job too

February 9, 2010

Timothy Carson, vice-chairman of the Pennsylvania Turnpike has released a long resignation letter he's written to Pennsylvania Governor Edward Rendell in which he cites drunk driving incidents in 2003 and 2006 and his failure to report them as reasons for his leaving. No one was injured in either accident and Carson says he paid for the damage to his Turnpike-issued vehicle out of his own pocket.

Carson's fulltime job was with Saul Ewing, public finance attorneys but he has been the most prominent public advocate of the Turnpike through the past several controversial years.

In his letter he talks about having an "alcohol dependency problem" yet he says he has abstained from alcohol completely since 2006.

Carson says he is especially proud of the role he played in formulating Act 44 and the plan to use I-80 tolls as the basis for nearly a billion dollars a year to Penn DOT and transit agencies.

One critic told us Carson was guilty of DUI - Drafting Under the Influence - in drafting Act 44, saying that the debt it has spawned is a disaster for the state: "I wish Tim Carson had fessed up to Drafting Under the Influence, that was far more damaging to the people of Pennsylvania than anything he did with his car."

Carson has been a Commission member ten years.

Also gone from Saul Ewing

He also seems to be gone from Saul Ewing his employer. He is no longer listed as one of their attorneys and is now a non-person there. Entering Carson in their search box gets "0 result(s)."

Text of letter:

QUESTIONS: There has to be much more to the Carson story than this. It doesn't make sense that Carson himself would choose this time, four years after the second DUI incident, seven years after the first incident to confess and resign unless he was under special pressure now.

Why drag up rather minor transgressions of years ago? Why now?

And why suddenly the unannounced, unexplained break with his established law firm that has been his livelihood for many years?

There's something much bigger here.

UPDATE: Saul Ewing statement:

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