Penn Pike superintendent charged with seven thieveries

June 10, 2011

Ronald Kozlowski a tradesman maintenance superintendent in the Pennsylvania Turnpike District 5 on the southern part of the I-476 NE Extension was charged Thursday with seven counts involving misappropriation of goods and services. Kozlowski's stealing was documented by the Turnpike's internal Inspector General's office, spokesman Carl de Febo is saying, and he was fired by the Turnpike.

The evidence was then passed the state attorney general's office which filed the criminal charges.

Investigators at the AG's department reportedly have their own parallel longrunning investigations of wrongdoing at the Turnpike.

Kozlowski who was on a $72k salary from 1998 is accused of using a Turnpike Commission debit card to buy many lots of building materials for additions to his home in Montgomery County PA, and of directing Turnpike employees to work on his home on Turnpike time.

TOLLROADSnews 2011-06-10

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