PBS&J having been acquired by Atkins becomes Atkins

March 31, 2011

The PBSJ/PBS&J name is being abandoned at midnight tonight and the company becomes Atkins, part of the London UK-based international engineering consultancy. The new president of Atkins North America is the former chairman and president of PBSJ/PBS&J Robert J Paulsen.

He is quoted in a statement today:

"The Atkins name is well known and highly respected through the United Kingdom and Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and the Pacific and in key sectors such as energy. We have maintained our focus on client service and our commitment to delivering technical excellence. Our teams are highly skilled and we are confident in our ability to augment our services by delivering Atkins' international expertise locally through teams that understand the local requirements, practices, and culture.  We continue to believe a local presence is essential to best serve many of our clients."

Former PBS&J/PBSJ employees number about 3,000 of Atkins' total 18,000 worldwide. Atkins north American operations are managed out of Tampa FL.

PBSJ or PBS&J comes from the names of four principals in the 1980s Post Buckley Schuh and Jernigan - a mouthful of a name that got abbreviated to Post Buckley, probably to the chagrin of Schuh and Jernigan. So they went to the intitials. 

The name Atkins comes from William Sydney Atkins (1902-1989) the London engineer who worked for Dorman Long, then London Ferro-Concrete, and founded WS Atkins in 1938. It shed the initials WS and as simply Atkins it has become one of the world's leading engineering firms -  despite also losing the cross bar on their 'A' and gaining a somewhat Greek typographic look.

Atkins bought up PBSJ/PBS&J in October 2010 for which we're grateful - because we could never work out whether they had an ampersand '&', or didn't have one. They never seemed to be able to make up their minds.

Now we just have to file the crossbar out of an 'A' to get them right.


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