Oldest ticket scam with new automatic toll payment machines on Ohio Turnpike

August 17, 2012

Ohio Turnpike officials say they've countered a classic old ticket swapping scam by some truckers at their automatic toll payment machines. The scam involved getting intermediate tickets at unstaffed Turnpike toll points near each end of the Turnpike then swapping those for end-point tickets to convert the full length toll ($40 for a tractor trailer) to a short trip toll (like $8.)

The Turnpike tickets do record date and time of issue and toll collectors are on the look-out for swaps. They are trained to scan the tickets for implausible entry times, and to ask questions.

But amazingly the Turnpike's toll system wasn't programmed to take this very old scam into account when the new ATPMs went in.

Now it is.

The system rejects tickets issued an implausibly long time ago for the cheap "trip" the scammer is attempting to pay for.

A few lines of code fixes that one.

But of course there will be others...

Where there is money to be saved some will always exercise their ingenuity to save it.

NOTE: We're picking up here on a report by Tom Breckenridge in the Cleveland Plain Dealer Aug 15.

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