Oklahoma Turnpike doing well this year - Q1 traffic up 9.6%

June 14, 2012

Oklahoma Turnpike reports strong traffic first quarter of the year - 37.35m transactions in the first quarter of the year up 9.6% on the first quarter of 2011's 34.08m. Vehicle miles traveled on the network were 734.47m vs 677.28m, 8.4% up. Revenue at $54.37m is 8.7% up on the same quarter last year.

The Turnpike in their report to bondholders attribute the improvement in traffic and revenue to (1) the very milder winter this year in contrast to unusually snowy winters in the two previous years, and (2) the leap year this year which added one day to February.

TOLLROADSnews 2012-06-14

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