NTTA splits T&R work between Smith and C&M

June 24, 2012

CDM (formerly Wilbur) Smith continue to do the traffic and revenue work for the established toll facilities of North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) and full system forecasting. But C&M Associates get the new stuff - the Chisholm Trail and western extension of the President Geo Bush Turnpike are mentioned. Also apparently the Trinity Parkway, although that is not part of the announcement.

This week the NTTA board of directors accepted the recommendation from their finance and audit committee for the split of work.

An announcement by NTTA says: "The traffic and revenue consultants will be responsible for the delivery of investment grade reports, support for bond issuances, support for budget development, and advice and counsel on traffic and revenue estimates for future expansion projects for the respective systems."

NTTA is doing a comprehensive 're-procurement' of most of its professional services contracts following criticism that too many such contracts were too easily extended in an over-cozy relationship. They work to a new RFQ template designed to standardize the process and facilitate consistency.

Traffic and revenue forecasts at the NTTA have a better record of accuracy than at most other toll facilities.

TOLLROADSnews 2012-06-24

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