NTTA aims to shame toll violators with list of worst deadbeats

June 20, 2012

North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) is to publish "Top Violators," a list of people with 100 or more unpaid tolls. It will appear from July onward as a page on the NTTA's website,

They say it is one aspect of  broader effort to make sure all users pay for their use of the Dallas area tollways. It is also presented as an aid to motorists who have neglected bills in the mail.

"The list is designed to provide the public with a way to easily determine if they owe a significant debt to the NTTA and put them on notice that they may be subject to collections lawsuits and other enforcement action by the NTTA.

"As part of an ongoing toll collection effort and as a service to those customers who owe the Authority for use of toll roads, the NTTA is publicizing toll violators who are subject to enforcement action," they say.
"The NTTA must pursue violators in order to maintain its operations and ensure fairness for the majority of drivers on the NTTA System who pay their tolls in a timely manner."

Tolling on the NTTA system is now either by transponder - local brand TollTag black 'T' on an orange disk, the state TxTAG, or the Houston area's EZ TAG - or by image based reads of the license plate and motor registry lookup of the name and address of the owner and bill by mail. At NTTA this license plate imaging is called Zip Cash.

Old money - bills and coins - was last accepted as payment in December 2010 when the system was made entirely all-electronic.

There's about an 80%/20% split between payment by toll tag and via license plate imaging.

The New Jersey Turnpike also has a program to publicize toll violators.

FOLLOWUP: Michael Rey, media relations director at NTTA says in reaction to our headline: "We don't see it as a shaming issue, rather fair warning that a civil lawsuit could be ahead."

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