North Texas Tollway board confirm 70mph speed on PGBT-EExt

May 16, 2012

The board of directors of North Texas Tollway have confirmed a continuation of 70mph as the posted speed limit on the eastern extension of the President George Bush Turnpike (Tx78 in Garland to I-30 in Rowlett.)

The Tollway authority found that 70mph was the rounded number closest to the 85th percentile of actual speeds of traffic on the Turnpike meaning that about 15% were going faster and 85% at up to about 70mph.

It had tentatively been set at 70mph when it opened December last year. That is consistent with the speed limits on most of the tollroads in the Dallas area. Only the southern and oldest segment of the Dallas North Tollway(I-35E to I-635) which is built to the tighter standards of the mid-1960s. It is 65mph.

A statement quotes an operations official at NTT Eric Hemphil: "State law automatically defaults the speed limit to 70 mph when a new roadway like the Eastern Extension opens. This decision (by the board) brings that portion of the roadway in line with the rest of the PGBT corridor, which is also 70 mph."

Speed limit signs are being installed for the first time.

50mph is their speed for frontage road lanes at the ends of some of their pikes and on their two arterial road style toll bridges with the Addison Airport Tunnel 40mph.

TOLLROADSnews 2012-05-16

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