New York State Thruway Authority looking for consultants to specify new VES (ADVERTISEMENT)

October 9, 2009

New York State Thruway are looking for consultants on violation enforcement systems (VES) who will help them specify an RFP or plans. specs & estimate package. About $400k work is available. The formal NYSTA services procurement request follows verbatim:


The New York State Thruway Authority ("Authority") is seeking to retain a qualified professional consulting firm to provide support services to upgrade or replace its E-ZPass Toll Violation Enforcement System (VES).  Assignments may include, but are not limited to, the following: assist the Authority in determining what VES systems and best practices are utilized by other toll agencies; review and document the Authority's current VES components, contractual agreements with the Authority's E-ZPass Service Provider and environmental/structural installation attributes; identify needs and requirements for an upgraded/new VES; and recommend the best process for procuring the upgraded/new VES.  Based on the procurement process selected, the firm will be required to develop either a Request for Proposals (RFP) or a Plans, Specifications and Estimate (PS&E) package.   The value of this term agreement will be $400,000.

Interested firms must submit seven (7) copies of their letters of interest, limited to no more than three (3) typewritten pages. Please use staples only (do not use binders or covers when submitting letters).  The letter must include the following: 1. An explanation of the firm's understanding of the assignment and an explanation of why the firm is best qualified for this assignment. 2. The firm's current and recent experience on similar work assignments. 3. The names, certifications and qualifications of the proposed personnel to be used on this project. This must include information concerning recent relevant assignments. 4. For each of the proposed staff members, the individual's current assignments that require twenty (20) percent or more of his/her time. If a staff member is working on fewer than two assignments that meet the 20 percent threshold, the firm shall list at least two of that person's largest assignments.  Indicate a completion date of the person's work on each of these assignments. 5. The names of any other firms that will be involved in this project and the work to be assigned to each firm. This includes all subconsultants (including D/M/WBE firms) and subcontractors. Firms are encouraged to visit the consultant section of the Authority's website at: for additional detail concerning the content of letters of interest.  

Chapter 1 of the Laws of 2005, as amended by Chapter 596 of the Laws of 2005 (collectively referred to as the "Lobbying Law"), makes major changes to the Legislative Law and State Finance Law relative to lobbying on government procurements.  More specifically, the Lobbying Law creates two new sections in the State Finance Law: Section 139-j addresses restrictions on "contacts" during the procurement process; and Section 139-k addresses the disclosure of contacts and the responsibility of bidders/proposers during the procurement process.  The Lobbying Law applies to all procurements initiated on or after January 1, 2006.  In this regard, a procurement means a contract or agreement involving an annual expenditure in excess of $15,000 for a commodity, service, technology, public work, or construction; purchase, sale or lease of real property; or revenue contract.

The proposed agreement is subject to the provisions of the Lobbying Law.  As such, bidders/proposers are required to review the Thruway Authority/Canal Corporation Guidelines Regarding Permissible Contacts During a Procurement and the Prohibition of Inappropriate Lobbying Influence (TAP-335).  These Guidelines can be found on the New York State Thruway Authority Website at: or the Canal Corporation Website at  Additionally, you must fill out and submit, with your letter of interest, one copy of each of the following: 1) a State Finance Law 139-j and 139-k Contractor Disclosure of Prior Non-Responsibility Determinations Form (TA-W3053-9) and 2) a Certificate of Compliance with the Authority/Corporation Guidelines Regarding Permissible Contacts During a Procurement and the Prohibition of Inappropriate Lobbying Influence (TA-W2111-9) for your firm.  These forms are also available on the above listed websites.

A firm's letter of interest will not be considered unless it is accompanied by both of the above required forms, each fully executed for the firm.  Please do not staple these forms to the letter of interest.

Interested firms and any proposed subconsultants and subcontractors must also have the following forms on file with the Authority that are less than one year old on the proposal due date listed in this notice: 1) a Standard Form (SF) 254, Architect-Engineer and Related Services Questionnaire and 2) a State of New York Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire.  If in the past year a firm has sent in either of these forms, the firm does NOT need to send another copy. Both of these forms are available on the Authority's website at:  All SF 254's must include the firm's Federal ID number in Box #1.  Please do not staple any forms to the letter of interest.

In addition, the firm must submit for a maximum of 5 projects, Part I - Contract-Specific Qualifications Section F (information blocks 20-24 for a maximum of one page per project) and Section G (information blocks 26-28) of the Standard Form (SF) 330 Architect-Engineer Qualifications.  DO NOT submit the entire SF 330.  The partial SF 330 package shall not exceed six (6) pages.  Six (6) copies of the SF 330 shall be submitted with the letter of interest.  By signing the letter of interest, the firm's representative is certifying that the information in the SF 330 is a statement of facts.  The SF 330 form is available on the U.S. General Services Administration's website at:  Please do not staple any forms to the letter of interest.

Each firm will be evaluated based upon the information provided in its letter of interest, SF 254 and the partial SF 330 package.  Short-listed firms may be invited to the Albany Administrative Headquarters to give a presentation on their qualifications.

Each firm submitting a letter of interest must verify and ensure that it and its proposed subconsultants and subcontractors have the required authorizations and certifications in order to practice engineering, surveying, etc. ( and to legally operate as a business in New York State (  If a firm and/or its proposed subconsultants and subcontractors do not have the required certifications, the firm submitting the letter of interest will not be selected for the advertised assignment. DO NOT send the certifications with a letter of interest unless required to do so as part of the State of New York Vendor Responsibility Questionnaire.

Proposal Due:        11/2/2009
Contract Term:    Three years, with an option for the Authority to extend for an additional one-year term
Location:        Thruway Wide
Contact:        William Ringwood
            Assistant Director
Office of Contracts Management
                 NYS Thruway Authority
            200 Southern Boulevard
            Albany, New York 12209
            (518) 436-2902
            (518) 471-5808 FAX
Submit To:        Christopher A. Waite, P.E.
            Chief Engineer
            Department of Engineering
               NYS Thruway Authority
            200 Southern Boulevard
            Albany, New York 12209

Ad in pdf form:


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