New York MTAB&T to swap out 1.2m E-ZPass transponders

April 12, 2011

MTA Bridges and Tunnels in New York City is beginning a swap-out of 1.2 million E-ZPass transponders. They're sending out new transponders (also known as tags) and a postage-paid envelop for customers to return their old transponders that are judged to be nearing end of battery life. The 1.2m being taken out of service represent 35% of the 3.4m transponders MTAB&T had on issue at the end of January - attached to 2.1m accounts.

MTA Bridges and Tunnels financial officer Kevin O'Keefe is quoted in a statement: "The average lifespan for an E-ZPass tag battery is nine or 10 years so it's time to start swapping those old  tags for new ones to make sure that a customer's  E-ZPass travel experience remains uninterrupted."

The last similar mass transponder (tag) replacement was 2002 through 2006.

People with transponders being replaced will first receive a letter telling them of the need to replace the tag and the factory number on the transponder to be returned. Many people have several transponders of different ages, and battery state, on the one account - up to four transponders are allowed on private accounts.

Customers need to make sure the right transponders get returned!

About two weeks after the initial letter a 'replacement tag kit' should arrive in the mail comprising instructions, a new tag, and the prepaid, preaddressed envelope for the return of the old tag.

A Lost Tag Fee of $23 will be levied against the accounts of customers who don't return the old tag.

MTA tags have the MTAB&T logo on them and a number beginning 008. (MTAB&T founder Robert Moses was one level above James Bond - editor.)

MTAB&T are urging customers with any new name, address, vehicle make or license plate to make sure their account details are up to date.

This can be done at or by calling 1 800 333 TOLL.

E-ZPass transponders are manufactured by Austria-based international toll systems supplier Kapsch (formerly Mark IV IVHS) and manufactured in Mississauga Ontario in the western suburbs of the Toronto area. The E-ZPass group of tollers - 24 toll authorities and operators from West Virginia to Maine and from New York to Illinois - are engaged in a very deliberative, some rudely say 'slow' - 6  years now - procurement of new technology tags and associated readers.

But the E-ZPass IAG Group procurement provides that any new technology tags be able to work alongside the existing tags. So the ones going out now from MTA B&T will still be usable for paying tolls in 2020 or beyond.

TOLLROADSnews 2011-04-11

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