New Hampshire Turnpike drops price of E-ZPass transponders from $20.95 to $8.90

March 29, 2012

New Hampshire's turnpike agency is reducing the price of buying a new standard interior windshield-mounted E-ZPass transponder from $20.95 now to $8.90, a price reduction of over 57%. It is one of the first state toll agencies to pass on to customers the major price drop negotiated last summer by the E-ZPass interagency group (IAG) that represents some 24 toll agencies in 14 states.

Kapsch based in Vienna Austria won out with the $8.90 price versus $11.37 from Harrisburg PA based TransCore in a fiercely fought competition for one of the world's largest toll equipment contracts.

Toll agencies with stocks of the $20.95 transponders or contracts still at the old price have held back so far from passing on the savings.

But with New Hampshire having dropped the price, others will be under competitive and political pressure to drop their prices too.


E-ZPass group transponders are usable throughout the 14 state area of the northeast and midwest - from Illinois through Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and Massachusetts New Hampshire to Maine and then south through Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and into Virginia and West Virginia they are generally 'interoperable' - the exception being special local or frequent user discount 'plans.'

Close to 22 million in use

Close to 22 million of the old model are in use.

The new model which works to the same radio frequency specifications and protocols is slightly more compact.

Like the existing transponders it has a hard plastic case and is equipped with a long life (about 8 years) battery. They are manufactured in a factory in Mississauga, Ontario, the western suburbs of the Toronto area.

New Hampshire will drop prices April 1.

An external license plate mounted model presently $33.04 will drop in price to $15.19.

"Cheaper than ever"

Bob Christensen, Toll Manager at the New Hampshire Department of Transportation's Turnpikes Bureau is quoted in a statement today:

"Now, it's even cheaper to access the discount for New Hampshire accounts on New Hampshire toll roads. 

"The lower price is just the latest benefit.

"Using E-ZPass provides a convenient way to pay your toll while traveling on toll roads in the fourteen Northeast, Midwest and Middle-Atlantic states that accept E-ZPass.

"Additionally, other states such as Florida and North Carolina are working with E-ZPass to accept these transponders in the near future."

Open road tolling enhances convenience

E-ZPass use continues to grow in the region, today's statement notes, due to the convenience of not stopping to pay tolls. 

This convenience was enhanced when Open Road Tolling (ORT) was installed at the Hampton Toll Plaza, and will see another major improvement when ORT applies at the Hooksett Toll Plaza, June 2013. 

Currently 64% of transactions on the New Hampshire Turnpike System use E-ZPass - about the same proportion as elseshere in the E-ZPass region.

The E-ZPass group mostly uses the brand-name E-ZPass, but the same interoperable transponders are issued in Illinois as I-PASS and in Indiana as i-Zoom.


PJ Wilkins executive director of the E-ZPass Group based in Wilmington Delware tells TOLLROADSnews that the date for lower prices to each toller will be different, since it depends on when their old contracts expire, and new ones are executed.

Announcements may also be timed depending on when transponders at the new, low price are delivered and start being sent out to customers.

Wilkins: "At this point a few agencies have already ordered new tags at the new price, with additional agencies finalizing their contracts soon."

Availability of NH E-ZPasses

You can get a New Hampshire E-ZPass via:

or call 1-877-643-9727

or go to an E-ZPass Walk-in-Center in Hooksett, Nashua or Portsmouth

report on new contract and lower price 2011-07-21:

TOLLROADSnews 2012-03-28

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