Neology lawsuit alleges much of FSTech/Sirit RFID equipment infringes its patents

August 3, 2011

A close look at the text of Neology's complaint against Federal Signal and subsidiary Sirit shows it not only challenges their right to sell their range of equipment for ISO 18000-6C (6C) tags and readers used in what has been regarded as open standard and non-proprietary electronic toll collection but also in its parking and supply chain RFID systems.

The complaint cites six Neology patents it claims are being infringed:

1. 7,081,819 or '819' issued 2006-07-25, a "System and Method for Providing Secure Identification Solutions" issued to inventors Francisco Martinez and Manfred Rietzler who sold it to Neology. The complaint claims that all the variations of 6C tags plus multiprotocol readers including the IDentity 5100 and 4100 and three other readers infringe 819.

2. 7,671,746 or '746' another "System and Method for Providing Secure Identification Solutions" issued to Martinez and Rietzler issued 2010-03-02 and the same 6C range of tags and multiprotocol readers are cited as infringing.

3. 6,229,443 '443' "Apparatus and Method for Detuning RFID tag to Regulate Voltage" issued 2001-05-08 to Single Chip Systems (SCS) then owned by inventor Bruce Roesner.  Rosener is well known in the toll industry and since January 2007 has been Chief Technology Officer at Sirit. Neology claims Roesner sold them 443 before going to Sirit. The complaint claims that several of Sirit's supply chain tags using UHF antenna inlays infringe 443.

4. 6,690,264 or '264' "Selective Cloaking Circuit for use in a Radiofrequency Identification and Method of Cloaking RFID Tags" issued 2004-02-10 to Dave Daglish at SCS, and sold to Neology. 6C electronic toll tags and readers from Sirit plus supply chain and parking tags and readers are claimed to infringe 264.

5. 7,064,653 or '653' another "Selective Cloaking Circuit for use in a Radiofrequency Identification and Method of Cloaking RFID Tags" issued 2006-06-20 also to SCS's Dave Daglish is cited as owned by Neology and infringed by a wide range of Sirit equipment including 6C tags and readers.

6. 5,856,788, '788' just a "Method and Apparatus for Radiofrequency Identification Tags" 1999-01-05 issued to SCS inventors Ronald Walter and Keith Vertrees, and later assigned to Neology. This is claimed to infringe HF antenna inlays on supply chain tags.

In several of these alleged infringements of patent Sirit's CTO Roesner is cited as being aware of the Neology patents, and disregarding them, making the infringement deliberate.

Sirit has been selling much of this equipment since 2007 and Bruce Roesner is regarded as a leader in developing 6C and establishing it as an important new standard - and as open and free of proprietary constraints on competition.

He has given many presentations in which he stresses the value of 6C as an open standard.

Below is a slide from Roesner's presentations on 6C at a IBTTA conference in May.

FSTechnology/Sirit people are dismissive of the strength of the Neology complaint coming they say four years after they debuted the equipment now challenged, and widely sold since without any complaint from Neology.

Roesner presentation at IBTTA on 6C:

copy of the lawsuit:

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