MWAA opens public comment period on proposed doubling of tolls on Dulles Toll Road

August 17, 2012

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) operator of the Dulles Toll Road since October 2009 has a 30 day public comment period running down on a decision to double typical ramp+mainline tolls for cars:

now: $2.25

2013: $2.75

2014: $3.50

2015: $4.50

The average trip on the tollroad is about 10 miles long so the tolls go from around 22c/mile to around 45c/mile.

MWAA says Informational exhibits, including an "On-Line Open House," are now available at

Three public meetings are scheduled.

The three year staging of the toll increase is a concession to critics. It had previously been planned as a single jump.

MWAA needs the extra revenue to support a financing plan for construction of a $5.5b to $6b passenger rail line in the corridor. According to all the forecasts mass transit will continue to be provided by cars.

TOLLROADSnews 2012-08-17

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