More smart loops

April 27, 2001

More smart loops

Originally published in issue 54 of Tollroads Newsletter, which came out in Mar 2001.


Subjects:smart loops

Agencies:Orincon Peek

Peek’s Idris ‘smart loops’ have a competitor, a firm called ORINCON Industries that claims to be able to use digital signal processing intelligence to use data from existing in-pavement loops to generate a ‘virtual picture’ of traffic. It claims to be able to classify vehicles by axle count and other characteristics. Peek’s system is in use on the North Texas Tollway Authority’s facilities, in Delaware and Orlando, and has been tested and approved in Illinois. Peek does NOT use existing loops. It installs its own loops in an engineered configuration, but also uses patented digital signal processing algorithms to count axles and sense small gaps that will distinguish a combination vehicle from a closely following vehicle – ‘vehicle separation.’ Peek customers install a new reinforced concrete pavement for the Idris.

ORINCON is using its experience in signal processing for the Pentagon to enter the ‘intelligent traffic management’ business. Its systems are being used to assess traffic flow at the Otay Mesa US-Mexico border crossing in a Caltrans.

(Contact: Louis Kelly ORINOC 858-455-5530 x402

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