More pikes moving ahead in Dallas Ft Worth metro area

September 18, 2012

2012-09-17: Texas DOT is moving to add a $1.3 billion rebuild/toll lanes project on I-35W to the North Tarrant Express concession. They say in an announcement today they hope to have the entire project under the amended concession contract by year's end.

I-35W in this portion is a major north-south route due north of Fort Worth. At about the midpoint of the work is the western end of the North Tarrant Express project, an east-west highway reconstruction and addition of toll express lanes that runs on I-820 and state highways 183/121.

Going into development at this point are 3.3 miles of I-35W from I-820 north to US287 (red in map nearby) plus 6.5 miles from I-820 south to I-30 (green) plus the big interchange I-820/35W.

The project adds 2x2 new toll express lanes, rebuilds 2x2 general purpose expressway lanes to preserve the number there now, adds frontage roads for local traffic and for access/egress, adds auxiliary lanes in the close spaced southern portion, and rebuilds the big I-820/I-35W interchange with direct connectors.

Some work is already underway north of I-820 to prepare for construction. The details of the financial plan and contract negotiated with the North Tarrant Express concessionaire (Cintra, Meridian, Dallas Firefighters Pension Fund) have to be OK'd by the state attorney general and a legislative budget board.

There has been a lot of development north of Fort Worth and the I-35W is an important artery for this area. At just 2x2 lanes presently it is ranked as one of the most congested highways in the Dallas Ft Worth metro area.

Pres Geo Bush Turnpike Western Extension TX161 opening October

Another 6.5 miles of the President George Bush Turnpike state highway 161 known as the Western Extension Phase 4 is due to open mid-October. Frontage road lanes plus 4.2 miles of the main toll lanes north of I-30 (Phases 2 and 3), a TxDOT project, are already in use.

Opening in a few weeks time is the segment I-30 south to I-20 which NTTA is building and tolling. This work is 2x2 main lanes and similar frontage road lanes.

Cost of the 11.5 miles SH183 to I-20 (Phases 2, 3 and 4) including the big new 4-level interchange I-30/PGBTWE was $535m. Phase 1 was an earlier upgrade to the PGBTWE interchange with TX183 at the far northern end of the extension.

This portion of the Bush Turnpike is a north-south route like I-35W but to the east and about midway between Ft Worth and Dallas. North the Pres Geo Bush Turnpike curves northeast and east then southeast, and is something of a belt route around the north of the Dallas area.

Frontage roads on the PGBT Western Extension are continuous between I-20 and I-30 but discontinuous north of I-30 to TX183. The whole project whether developed by TxDOT or NTTA will be tolled by NTTA which has a kind of toll concession from the state entity.

IO-35W project:

on the PGBTWE:

















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