Michigan DOT to solicit D-B bids for approx $16m completion of Ambassador Bridge Gateway

March 14, 2012

Following last week's ruling by county judge Prentis Edwards Michigan DOT is moving to find a design-build contractor to complete work within the bridge company plaza area. The work which the private bridge company estimated to cost it $6m has been costed at $16m using the state's procurement procedures.

Plans are to issue request for qualifications for the work around March 26, the request for proposals April 2, with the contractor chosen by April 16.

The bridge company was aiming to complete the work by September, if MDOT and the court monitor approved concepts and issued permits expeditiously, but the whole project is now out of their hands.

MDOT says the project will be complete within a year "at the outside" suggesting by year's end or early next year.

The bridge company is under the county judge's order to deposit $16m in a special bank account for MDOT to draw on to pay for the project. If costs run over the bridge company will pay more.



TOLLROADSnews 2012-03-13

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