MDOT demo squads at Ambassador Bridge cause huge traffic backups

April 17, 2012

With Michigan DOT demolition squads at work on the Ambassador Bridge Gateway Plaza there are reports of huge backups. The bridge company says that the traffic tie-ups today were "the worst since 9/11."

Monday was the first day under control of a Michigan DOT. Their contractor began serious demolition work today. This involved narrowing of traffic to one lane each direction for much of the day.

Dan Stamper president of the bridge company said throughout their management of construction and demolition work they were always able to keep traffic moving, using careful staging.

The bridge company said MDOT had not consulted them at all about staging the work this week, and appeared to have no informed traffic plan. This Stamper characterized as "a colossal mistake."

A county judge recently ordered completion of the disputed Gateway Plaza project on bridge company property handed over to Michigan DOT. And the state court of appeals last week endorsed the transfer of responsibility from the bridge company to the state.

TOLLROADSnews 2012-04-17

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