Max Crumit temp at OOCEA not to go permanent PERSONNEL

May 18, 2012

Max Crumit the temporary CEO at Orlando's toll authority (OOCEA) Orange County will go back to the private sector in the fall, local reports say.

Expressway authority chairman Walter Ketcham and other board members tried to induce him to stay offering him a raise from his $180k to $230k.

Crumit a VP at Jacksonville FL-headofficed RS&H engineering consultants replaced Mike Snyder when he was forced out last year.

Crumit told OOCEA board members the intense political pressure and media spotlight of the job wasn't for him. The board liked him a lot and wanted him to become permanent CEO.

CORRECTION: we initially gave Crumit one more 'm' here than he uses in his name - editor.

TOLLROADSnews 2012-05-18

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