Massachusetts Turnpike set to restart car tolls in the west Tuesday

October 14, 2013

Toll collection will be resumed for cars Tuesday Oct 15 at the six western interchanges on the Massachusetts Turnpike after a 16 year hiatus. Tolls for cars were zeroed out at the order of then Governor William WEld to assuage the outrage of western constituents over the Turnpike Authority's vast spending on the Big Dig in dowtown Boston, most of which is untolled.

This is part of the ticket system and cars have still been issued and required to pass tickets to toll collectors on exit since the tickets also record parts of the trips east of Exit 6 where tolls continued. Similarly E-ZPass equipped cars have been read and written to on entry at the various untolled interchanges and read at exits.

Back office accounting zeroed out tolls within the zone.

Commercial vehicles were not part of the toll suspension.

Reinstatement of tolls is expected to generate about $12m extra a year in revenue.

TOLLROADSnews 2013-10-13

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