Many Maryland tolls up 33% on July 1, others 50%, a few double +CORRECTION

June 6, 2013

2013-06-05: Maryland toll rates are going up by a third July 1, in the second stage of a two-stage set of hikes approved by the MdTA board September 22, 2011. Tolls were previously raised November 1 2011, but before that had been frozen for over a decade. Maryland E-ZPass rates for the Baltimore Harbor Crossings (I-95 Fort McHenry Tunnel, I-895 Baltimore Harbor Tunnel and I-695 Francis Scott Key Bridge) will be $3.60 vs $2.70 now. The cash and foreign E-ZPass rate for 2-axle vehicles goes from $3 to $4, video toll rates from $4.50 to $6.

(Video toll rates apply to any vehicle without an E-ZPass acount going through an E-ZPass Only lane at toll points with cash collection, and also to those traveling without an E-ZPass account on the all-electronic MD200 ICC tollroad where no cash is collected.)

Commuter discount tolls are nearly doubling - from $37.50 to $70. Covering up to 50 crossings and good for 45 days this hikes the minimum toll, fully using the value of the commuter plan, from 75c to $1.40 per trip.

5-axle tractor trailer tolls - cash or E-ZPass go up from $18 to $24, and the video toll from $27 to $36.

6-axle trucks cash or E-ZPass tolls go from $23 to $30, and video tolls from $34.50 to $45.

All these Baltimore area tolls are collected both directions.

I-95 Kennedy tolls up a third

On the I-95 Kennedy Highway at the single toll point northbound and also at the nearby and parallel US40 Hatem bridge cash and foreign E-ZPass tolls for cars rise from $6 to $8 while the Maryland E-ZPass rate will be $7.20 vs $6.40 now.

Commuter discount plans fully used go from $1.50/trip to $2.80/trip.

The 5-axle truck now pays $36 and will pay $48 from July 1, the 6-axle $45 now and $60 after 07/01. Video toll charges go from $51 to $63 for 5-axle trucks, from $60 to $75 for 6 axles.

These tolls are collected northbound only - no toll southbound.

Chessie Bay Bridge and Nice Bridge most tolls up 50%

On the US50/301 Chesapeake Bay Bridge with tolls eastbound only the base toll rate (cash or foreign E-ZPass) rate for cars bound for the Eastern Shore goes from $4 to $6 while the reguiar E-ZPass rate goes from $3.60 to $5.40. (No Marylander apart from officials ever calls this bridge by anything other than Bay Bridge or Chesapeake Bay Bridge but it is offiially named officially after a long forgotten politician William Lane.)

Commuter discount tolls go from a  minimum $1 now to $2.10.They offer up to 25 trips for $52.50 from 07/01 vs $25 for 25 trips presently. There is also a Bay Shoppers plan for 10 trips for $20 presently but that goes to $30 July 1.

Video tolls at the Bay and Nice bridges go from $6 to $9.

5-axle tractor trailers headed to Delmarva peninsula or eastern shore now face a $24 base toll, going to $36 July 1. No E-ZPass discounts for trucks. The boater with a light trailer (3-axles total) will pay $12 vs $8 now.

Video tolls on 5-axle tractor-trailers go from $36 now to $51 (42%) and for that  3-axle combination from $12 now to $18.

Nice Bridge too

At the US301 Nice Bridge in the far lower reaches of the Potomac the tolls to go into Virginia will rise in line with Chesapeake Bay Bridge tolls. There are no tolls northbound into Maryland.


Initially we incorrectly reported that there are increases in toll rates on the MD200 Inter County Connector. That was wrong. There are no changes in toll rates at the ICC.

Toll rates on the ICC operate within a maximum and minimum per mile rate according to dynamic pricing algorithms in the toll system.

We misread an earlier announcement of the range as increases. Our mistake arose from a link on MdTA's page headed "Approved Toll Increases and Other Changes by Facility" with "Attention: New toll rates effective 12:01am July 1." That takes you misleadingly to what on closer reading is an announcement of a range of tolls going back to 2011. We should have read more closely but MdTA should not be sending a reader to an old announcement of an approved range under those headings about toll increases - editor. June 7 10:00

BACKGROUND: Toll increases planned to raise revenues at the state's eight toll facilities from $440m in FY2013 to $527m in FY2014. Back in FY2011 they were $324m. Profit is forecast to stay around the same $120m to $160m/year because debt service is due to leap upward. MdTA is taking on a lot more debt for refurbishment of its 40 to 60 year old bridges and tunnels, and for work on I-95 Kennedy Highway.

TOLLROADSnews 2013-06-05 CORRECTION June 7 10:00

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