Maine Turnpike board to vote on cutting 24 positions to save $1.25m/year

June 20, 2012

The Maine Turnpike Authority board of directors will vote tomorrow, Thursday (06-21) on a plan by executive director Peter Mills to eliminate a net 20 positions and save some $1.25m a year.

24 present positions would be eliminated but 13 of those will be consolidated into 4 new positions, for the net reduction of 20.

The staff roster will be 288 versus 308 full-time positions now.

Before electronic tolling back in 1997 over 800 were employed.

Mills is quoted in a statement today as saying that the staff cuts are unrelated to the toll increases being proposed: "We would have taken this action anyway, because it needs to be done."

The Turnpike says a bond refinancing in February has saved $13.6m in debt service payments and a saving next financial year of $4.3m.

TOLLROADSnews 2012-06-20

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