Macquarie US traffic up slightly Q1, European traffic all down, $s up a tad on most

April 22, 2012

2012-04-22: Macquarie Atlas (MQA) reports traffic up slightly on the Indiana Toll Road and Dulles Greenway but down on the Chicago Skyway in the first quarter compared to 2011Q1. The changes were all small - up 1.8% on the ITR, down 0.7% on the Skyway and up 0.8% on the Dulles Greenway.

They comment that traffic on the MWAA Dulles Toll Road on the eastern end of the Greenway was off 1.1%.

Revenues were 9.1% on the Greenway with toll rates rising 8%.  Annual revenues are running $69.7m 2012Q1 vs $63.9m in 2011Q1.

Revenues rose from an annual $150m to $158m 2012Q1 on the Indiana TR or 5.3% and 1.5% to $58.7m/yr in the Skyway.

Autoroutes Paris Rhin Rhone (APRR) traffic was down 2012Q1 vs last year by 0.5% with a larger drop in truck traffic and almost no change in light vehicles. Revenues are up 1.6% to E456m.

M6Toll in Birmingham UK continues to do badly with daily trips down almost 13% to 30.4k and revenues are off 9.6% to GBP49.7m/yr. The competing free M6 motorway added a lane by opening a shoulder to traffic, what the Brits call 'hard shoulder running' - hard on the competing pike.

Warnow Tunnel in Germany had traffic off 3.9% to 9,352/day 2012Q1 and revenues up 2.1% to E7.2m/yr.

Revenues above are total facility revenues.

Macquarie Atlas' interest in these is Indiana TR 25%, Chicago Skyway 22.5%, Dulles Greenway 50%, APRR 19.4%, M6Toll 100%, Warnow Tnl 70%.

This comes from a report to the Australian Stock Exchanges where the shares are traded.

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