Macquarie reports phishing scam

July 8, 2004

Major tollroad operator Macquarie says its name being used in a scam. It says a US-based website fraudulently using the name of a US subsidiary has been engaged in "phishing" or trawling for passwords, account names and other confidential material about investors and their accounts. Macquarie Securities (USA) Inc. ("MSI") is a legitimate registered US broker-dealer and a fully owned US subsidiary of Macquarie Bank, the international group headquarted in Sydney Australia. A statement by Macquarie says:

"We have become aware that an organisation purporting to be Macquarie Securities (USA) Inc has been contacting investors to elicit share trading business in the form of a 'like kind exchange' program. This is an elaborate operation, purporting to operate under the protection of an 'Anti-Fraud Task Force'.

"These people are misusing the Macquarie name and brand and have no connection with the Macquarie Group. These offers are most likely to be connected with investment or advance fee scams.  We believe the individuals claiming to be on the Task Force are part of the scam.

"We have reported these incidents to the relevant authorities in Australia and the US.

"To substantiate caller credentials please contact your nearest Macquarie office using our contacts directory. If you suspect fraudulent activity connected with Macquarie, please contact us or forward details via"

The AGE newspaper in Melbourne reports:

"Such cyber criminals try to instil a sense of urgency, says the centre, by claiming:

* Accounts will be closed down unless a log-on is completed;

* A recent security upgrade means that you have to log-in to be protected; or

* That a large sum has been debited to your account and you need to provide your account details to confirm that the charge is incorrect." TOLLROADSnews 2004-07-08

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