Macquarié led group gets A25 toll concession in Montreal Québec

June 30, 2007

A Macquarié led group has been selected by the province of Québec for a toll concession on the A25 expressway north of Montreal. The group will finance and build a missing link in the highway grid between central Montreal and Laval at an estimated cost of about $510m (C$600m). The concession term during which they are entitled to toll revenues is 35 years.

The project includes:

- 7.2km (4.5mi) of 2x2 and 2x3 lane highway

- a 1200m (3940ft) long 2x3 lane cable stayed bridge over the Prairies River (Riviere des Prairies) with a transit lane and a path for pedestrians/bicycles

- special ramps and stops for express bus service

A statement by Julie Boulet, minister of transport said: "The choice of Concession A25, SEC was the result of a rigorous selection process co-managed by the ministère des Transports du Québec and Private-Public Partnerships Québec. We are certain that this team of companies that are among the top in the world and are recognized internationally for their large-scale road infrastructure projects via public/private partnerships, will meet this challenge enthusiastically, and will act in the best interests for Quebec."

She also said: "The proposal submitted by Concession A25, SEC was the best offer presented to the government. The cost of the proposal also includes the sharing of risks and responsibilities between the government and private partners. The risks of exceeding the budget and/or failure to meet expected deadlines also fall under the responsibility of the private partner."

Officials stressed that the improvements in the road system will "achieve greater sustainability" and reduce travel times and congestion, and improve air quality. The transit lanes and bus stations will encourage use of transit.

Under the project entity Concession A25, SEC (Infras-Québec A25) Macquarié Bank is partnered with MIP Quebec Holdings, builder Kiewit, engineers Parsons Transportation, pavers Miller, Ciment St Laurent, and Genivar.

The Macquarié group beat local groups led by SNC-Lavalin and Dessau-Soprin.

Officials hope to have concession details completed and signed by September for completion of the project in 2011.

There is also a competition for a concession for completion of Highway 30 on the South Shore of the St Lawrence River.


TOLLROADSnews 2007-06-30

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