LIONEL COMPLEX:A Rail Tale in Orange Co

December 24, 1998

LIONEL COMPLEX:A Rail Tale in Orange Co

Originally published in issue 34 of Tollroads Newsletter, which came out in Dec 1998.


Subjects:MIS perversion highway exclusion

Facilities:light rail


Locations:Orange Co CA


Under criticism from Mal and others the road mode was put back in the MIS but then the numbers were worked to try and discredit the highway option. A 69% “contingency” was added to road costs, none to rail. Roads were only credited with a third of their proper time-savings.

The Mal report says: “The mixed flow Roads and Freeways alternative affords significantly the most benefit per $ in all of these most fundamental benefit measures. Light rail is the very worst thing we can do with limited funding. As compared to roads, for the same benefit, of every eight dollars spent for light rail or for the OCTA choice composite system, seven dollars are wasted... In short, the $3.1m contracted OCTA Major Investment Study was a perfunctory sham. The system OCTA has finally chosen to promote and pursue, reflects staff prior judgements, in direct contradiction of objective study findings and national precedents. This decision mocks the entire rational process of alternatives comparison, and the efficiency objective of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act under which OCTA seeks funding.” (Contacts Jack Mallinckrodt

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