July dull month for traffic at US-Canada border

August 23, 2012

July was a dull month for traffic at the US-Canada toll crossings, according to partial data from the Public Border Operators Association (PBOA.)

Ambassador Bridge traffic was down12.2k or 2.4% with the lucrative trucks down the most - 12.2k or 6.6% to 172,875 or 5,577 daily average.  NOTE: The obsessive Moroun-bashing/new bridge boosting press corps in Detroit/Windsor usually cite the daily truck traffic at the Ambassador Bridge at 10,000 or 8,000 - a rehash of numbers from some years ago.

Car traffic at 421.9k on the Ambassador was virtually on a par with July 2011.

Blue Water Bridge traffic was flat overall at 509.7k, trucks up 5.3k to 118.6k, cars down a tad to 390.3k.

Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, mostly cars anyway was up 3.4% to 338k.

Moving to Buffalo NY the Peace Bridge was down 2.5% overall on the same month last year - to 637.6k, a 21.8k drop in cars (4%) and a 5.8k or 6% increase in trucks.

Seaway Int is down too - by 7.1k or 3.4%, mostly cars.

Lewiston-Queenston is up a tad 3.1k to 386k, up 0.8%.

Rainbow is down a tad and Sault Ste Marie up 3.1%. Whirlpool is up strongly by nearly 10k or 19%. They're cars only.

Ogdensburg and Thousand Isles are in PBOA chief statistician Fiore Capelli's Laggards Hall of Shame for not getting their numbers in on time.

TOLLROADSnews 2012-08-23

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