Interoperability Hub pilot program to go with all 4 shortlisted firms -ACS, Cofiroute, FSTech, SIF

August 3, 2011

The board of the Alliance for Toll Interoperability (ATI) this week unanimously agreed to their selection committee's recommendation that the three month pilot program go ahead with all four companies that qualified earlier. The four to operate the pilot hubs are ACS, Cofiroute, FSTech and Secure Interagency Flow (Egis and CS, CS America previously InTrans).

J R Fenske project manager and J J (Jim) Eden president of the ATI said in a conference call that the scores given to the four by the selection committee were so close they decided not to down-select further. The scoring followed a full day of oral presentations July 28.

Jim Eden said: "The general feeling was the four proposers all had strong proposals and each had some worthwhile unique elements to their scheme... that we'd be better off working with all four during the pilot phase."

The selection was made by a committee chaired by Tim Reilly of CTRMA with voting members from NCTA, PANYNJ, Tampa, Florida Turnpike, NJ Turnpike, Miami Dade Exwy and Halifax NS bridge.

Present plans are to have the hubs operating Sept 26 and to run for 90 days through to Dec 26.

All four pilot hub operators will get the same data stream from seven or eight toll agencies and will work to match license plate images to known accounts. Only after the pilot program will the hub operator be expected to search out the owners of unknown vehicles.

Seven tollers are presently signed up to provide the daily working data feeds to the pilot hubs for the 90 days of testing - E470 CO, Washington state, TCA southern Cal, Maryland, NTTA, Oklahoma Turnpike, Florida Turnpike. An eighth may join.

Object of the whole 'interoperability' project is to provide the methodology for disparate toll agencies all over North America, with different electronic toll collection technologies and different business rules to handle one another's customers and to cooperate in license plate or photo-based toll collection across interstate lines.

TOLLROADSnews 2011-08-03

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