Infrastructure literally crumbling on Mass Pike

September 17, 2009

"Crumbling infrastructure" is usually just a metaphor but it became real on the Massachusetts Turnpike for Margaret Garvey, 49, of Marlborough MA around noon Monday.

As she approached the Allston exit 18 in the left lane - it's a left lane exit -  and passed under the Cambridge Street overbridge she heard a loud bang and about ten pieces of concrete rained down on her vehicle, several entering through her open sunroof. A Turnpike maintenance worker happened to be driving not far behind her and pulled over to help.

Mrs Garvey was lucky. She only had cuts and bruises to an arm.

According to local press reports ambulancemen who took Garvey to a nearby hospital said they'd treated a man hit by debris falling from the same bridge a couple of nights earlier. They said his windshield was shattered.  

The Turnpike said they had no record of the earlier incident.

Heavy wooden planks are being installed as temporary protection against further concrete spalling.

The bridge deck is due for replacement in fiscal 2012.

It is a longer span bridge than most bridges taking local roads over the Turnpike because it crosses at an acute angle. (see map nearby)

Such incidents are supposed to end when the Turnpike Authority is abolished Nov 1 and the Turnpike is turned over to a new Department of Transportation that Democrat "reformers" have promised will be much more efficient.

TOLLROADSnews 2009-09-17

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