Illinois Tollway to operate customer service centers at 'Oasis' service plazas

February 18, 2007
Belvidere Oasis
Belvidere Oasis
Inside the O'Hare Oasis
Inside the O'Hare Oasis
Locations of service plazas
Illinois Tollway is opening customer service centers at its service plazas which it styles as Oases. The first at the O'Hare Oasis opened Feb 16 and there will be CSCs at all seven service plazas by mid-summer.

The Illinois Tollway oases are unique in America in that they are all built on a bridge spanning a Tollway and accessible from both directions of traffic. They contain the usual range of fast food, coffee, gift shops, fuel, and provide toilet facilities.

Functions of the new customer service centers within the oases will be enrolling customers in I-PASS (the Illinois Tollway brand for the E-ZPass compatible transponder), filling in the contract and providing them with transponders, as well as answering general questions from patrons.

Customers can also:

- update account information -vehicle information, license plate data, address

- add money to an account or sign up for auto replenishment

- test a transponder battery and swap out if necessary

- get a lesson on use of online account management services

Transponder transactions approaching 80%

With open road tolling at all 20 mainline toll plazas, transponder transactions are approaching 80% of the total transactions, but the Tollway wants to boost the precentage of transponder use higher.

Executive Director Brian McPartlin is quoted: "We already offer customers online assistance 24/7 at, but we recognize that some folks still need face-to-face contact with customer service representatives. The new Customer Service Centers will allow us to offer personalized service at locations that are close to home, on the way to work or on the way to their weekend vacation destination."

McPartlin spent time helping some of the first customers who showed up at the O'Hare desk.

The CSCs will be open Mon-Fri 7am-6pm.

Biggest outlet for transponders in the past three years has been the Jewel-Osco chain of supermarkets. The Tollway has also operated a CSC at the entrance to its offices in Downers Grove.

TOLLROADSnews 2007-02-17

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